Mobotix High Resolution IP Security Cameras
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Mobotix M15 DualWhen choosing a security camera system there are many factors to consider, analog, HD, IP or wireless. DFS is a familiar with all of the latest technologies so that we can provide a solution that best fits your needs. Many times we can save you money over other companies who promote a one size fits all product.

An effectively specified, designed and installed CCTV system from Davis Fire & Security. is a tool that can considerably reduce liability and lost revenues to your business resulting from injury, false claims, shrinkage, employee or vendor theft and lost productivity, among other contingencies. DFS security camera systems are proven deterrents to loss and crime. State-of-the-art recording capabilities can capture even the most obscure actions, providing date and time-stamped visual images that create an incident record.

mobotix-m15DFS is now offering our TRI-Tech DVR, this DVR is one of the most advanced in the industry. The TRI-Tech offers you the option to upgrade your existing system on your schedule. The TRI-Tech can accommodate your existing analog security cameras and allow you to upgrade any existing camera to an HD or IP camera for the benefits of increased resolution in areas where you need it.