First in line against fire and smoke.

In your home or business, anything less than continuous and accurate fire and smoke monitoring is unacceptable. With DFS’s advanced fire and smoke detection system, threats to your business, home and family can be found even before you know they exist. Alarms will alert those in the business or home while signaling our Monitoring Center. From there, a professionally trained member of our team will ensure the local fire department is contacted immediately.

How it works

When the alarm is triggered, every second counts. With our UL Customer Monitoring Center, you can count on us to deliver a fast alert to you and emergency response teams.

Step 1: 24/7 Monitoring

Our monitoring centers use powerful technological equipment to provide you with fast response protection 24 hours a day, seven day a week.

Step 2: Alarm Triggered

No matter the time of day, at the first sign of trouble a monitoring professional will be there to handle your emergency.

Step 3: DFS Fast Response

A caring professional will dispatch the Fire Department and confirm whether you are OK or in need of assistance.

Step 4: A call from a DFS representative

A caring professional will follow your emergency contact list and will call you immediately

DFS takes pride in using the most advanced technology, having a fast response time and staffing well-trained security professionals to provide our customers with the best business or home fire and security service.