The Smallest, Most Powerful PoE Access Controller in the Industry


Access Control

Davis Fire & Security makes access control easy. Simply install an eIDC32 door controller in a double-gang box at your door, and connect to the nearest network switch via a single CAT5/6 cable. Add one or more doors anywhere your network goes, making it easy and cost effective to expand your access control system as your needs grow — or as your budget allows. Combine with our browser-based access management software for a scalable solution that can be deployed in a single building or across multiple locations.

Integrated Access Control + Video Management in One

The DFS Intelli-M Access NVR provides an all-in-one video and access control management solution for monitoring your business around-the-clock. The network video recorder enables you to monitor your locations, manage video and control access—and offers a flexible, cost-effective security solution for a range of industries, including healthcare, banking, education and small to large enterprises.



Wireless Access Control

Davis Fire & Security Introduces Prodatakey’s SmartAccess system. Wireless, IP Ethernet LAN or Hardwired.


The ProdataKey Access Control Appliance is designed to control hundreds of doors through connections to Eight Door and Single Door Controllers. These connections are made through the choice of Pro Wireless, Network, and Direct communication. Multiple communication options allow for greater flexibility in tying doors back to the Access Control Appliance, allowing the choice of the easiest and most cost effective method. The Access Control Appliance is equipped with all three forms of communication and can communicate with multiple controllers and communication types simultaneously.

Truly a more Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable solution than other enterprise solutions of its kind!